Midori creates art as part of Hospitality House Creative Arts Program, an agency that serves adults in San Francisco living with homelessness and poverty, and she is grateful for having a welcoming and supportive space to create her art. She is originally from Japan and has been making art since she was a young child. Midori loves all kinds of artwork, painting, ceramics, doll making, and other hobbies, such as sewing and making clothes. Midori describes feeling really happy when making art and makes all of her art from her imagination—she uses no pre existing patterns, images or photographs.

As reflected in her art, Midori has a love of nature and animals and describes that she has been caring for animals her whole life. She currently has dogs, cats, fish, a snail and many plants where she currently resides and enjoys visits from the hummingbirds who come to visit her plants. Midori hopes to improve her health and have a peaceful life as well as contribute to others lives through sharing the peace and calm that her art brings.

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