The Kid in Me

What do you want to be when you grow up? We hear this question a lot when we are little. This collection delivers a glimpse into our inner child.

The creativity of a child is like no other. It’s pure; the world hasn’t gotten to them yet! As kids we believe we can do, or be anything we desire. Our eyes filled with wonder and amazement, we see ourselves setting off into adventures in our lives. We transform our bedrooms, houses, and backyards into the realities of our fantasies. Little girls create palaces fit for princesses and their courts, and boys build forts that keep the princesses out. Whether traveling to the moon in our cardboard rocket ship or soaring the skies as a fighter pilot, our homes provide the perfect environment for dreaming.

“The Kid in Me” is my dream of celebrating the kid in each one of us. A dream to create timeless works of art that pays tribute to the hopes, dreams, and creativity of our childhood. Some of us imagined being a doctor; others, an attorney. I love to capture the wonder of our child within, and give it a voice.

– Noah

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