Bridge of Faith by Thomas Kinkade

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“Bridge of Faith” by Thomas Kinkade
(The Garden of Promise III)

        “For me, the world is enriched by images of faith that reflect the truths of my walk with God.  Bridge of Faith speaks to those moments of tribulation, when we reach the end of our rope and know that our personal resources won’t see us through the crisis.  At such times, I rely on my faith, and find that God truly is my shield and salvation.

        The Bridge of Faith is old and worn, but it is built of stone and it rests on a massive, unshakable rock.  It crosses a stream fragrant with flowers; on our side the world is shrouded in shadow, but in the distance there shines a heavenly light.

        A crumbling bridge,…  This Bridge of Faith…  And often without strength.  But look below,…  And then you’ll know…  The Rock that lies beneath.”  – Thomas Kinkade

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About The Artist

Thomas Kinkade – The Painter of Light, is the most collected artist of his time. He has sold more canvases than any other painter in history – more than Picasso, Rembrandt, Gauguin, Monet, Manet, Renoir and Van Gogh combined. He has won more awards than any other artist in the history of the National Association of Limited Edition Dealers. His works hang in major museums, the White House, the Vatican, and the Billy Graham Library. He has authored or been the subject of over 120 books, including one co-authored with President George Bush, and he is one of Hallmark’s best selling artists.

Thomas Kinkade’s works have inspired millions of collectors world-wide. His vibrant message captured in his paintings, of the importance of faith and family, and the beauty and wonder of nature, have brought hope and comfort to a generation of followers. Kinkade passed in 2012, but his work will be sought after for generations to come.

President George Bush wrote of Thomas Kinkade, “As a long-time admirer of Thomas Kinkade’s art, I have always been impressed by his rare ability to capture in his paintings a palpable sense of warmth – and a special transcendent light. It’s also apparent that when he paints, he is inspired by a love for image and ideas that have made our nation great – such as home and community, family and faith, and patriotism and self-sacrifice.” Named by the Points of Light Foundation as its “Ambassador of Light,” Thomas Kinkade continues, even in his passing, to fulfill his mission of Sharing the Light™.


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